VT TWS Officers and Committee Chairs, 2015-2016

Erica Peyton

I am a senior in Wildlife Conservation. I’ve been in love with the outdoors and all the fuzzy/scaly creatures that live there since forever. It will be exciting to see where life takes me after graduation but that’s the real adventure. Here’s to a good year with great friends (old and new) at an amazing school!

Vice President
Ally Moser

This is my junior year studying wildlife conservation. I'm interested in endangered species management and policy, specifically how science is communicated to the public, how decisions regarding endangered species are made, and how those decisions affect stakeholders directly influenced by the presence of endangered species. I enjoy hiking and backpacking, I like listening to classic rock, and I love the American west.

Justin Hall

I was really into worms for while. Then I got into lizards and slugs. After that, I completely lost interest in everything. Until the day a soft little bat landed in my box of Nitrile gloves. And when I put on the Nitrile gloves, I discovered that the little bat fit. My glove. It fit my glove like a glove. I will never turn my back on bats again.

Lindsay Wentzel

I am a sophomore studying Wildlife Conservation. I’m interested in wildlife endocrinology, reproduction, and young development as well as the relationship between wild species and agriculture. I love floating, hammocking, hedgehogs, and just generally being outside. I’m also currently involved with the Black Bear Research Center.

Graduate Student Liaison
Chris Rowe

I am The Most Interesting Man in the World. When he was young.

Faculty Advisor
Marcella J Kelly

I like kitties and baby frogs more than anything else in the world. Except for wine. Wait. And my husband.

Hold our horses, if you would.