Fun Things to Do!

Chapter Meetings

317 B Cheatham Hall
7 pm sharp
(no falling asleep or you can't have any pizza)

First and third Wednesdays of each month.

Fun Stuff, in a Nutshell

Right Now

Camera Trapping is this Wednesday, the 14th October, due to Fall Break. Depart Cheatham at about 14:20. Normal camera trapping Sundays will resume on, wait for it, Sunday, the 25th October. See below for more details.

Coming Up Next

Every Sunday
The twelfth year of Camera Trapping in the mountains around MLBS is on. Meet at Cheatham Hall at 09:00. You'll need warm clothing, sturdy shoes or boots, water, snacks, a keen sense of direction, and the ability to recognise when a camera station is set up completely wrong. Only then can you make it right.
Go to this GoogleDoc and sign up for this Saturday, not Sunday, and next Sunday, and every single Sunday of the Camera Trapping season (plus an occasional Saturday like this Saturday). Make us proud. You know you want to, even if you're not entirely sure how yet.
Contact David or Erica for more info.

29 October

Percentage Night at Mellow Mushroom from 5-9 PM. Be there.


Pay your dues. If you don't pay, we lose, you lose, everyone loses. Pay your freakin' dues and hold your head high, knowing you actually paid your dues for once. Otherwise, hang your head low in deep, soul-scorching shame.

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For Your Pleasure

Résumés Workshop
Ever wonder how real people get jobs? By handing out a thousand résumés. Make that two-thousand résumés.
And what you put in your résumé can make the difference between hiring and firing. You don't like ramen that much.
We offer you four examples. Click, read, and comprehend the power of The Résumé.
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
The Horrid

Put a cork in it. Right now.