Social and Activities Committee
Chair: Natalee Yates

The professional development aspect of the Activities Committee is an important focus for anyone looking for work in the wildlife field. Our goal is to get everyone involved in some sort of volunteer and/or research experience, whether they want to or not. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and listening to new ideas. Anyone who wants to help find, organise, and feed donkeys, I mean, plan these events is welcome to talk to us.
The Activities Committee plans social events for The Wildlife Society. We aim to have at least one per month. Past activities include the National TWS Conference, tubing the New River, a pizza social, and donkey rides.

Animal Care Committee
Chair: Aylett Lipford

The animal care committee is in charge of the care and feeding of a member owned animal. The animal is kept in the display case on the first floor of Cheatham Hall. It is the job of the committee to take care of the display animal, and haul the animal to educational events. Past animals on display include, but are not limited to, donkeys.

Camera Trapping Committee
Chair: David Tilson

The Camera Trapping Committee was founded in 2008 to help with The Wildlife Society's main research project. This project was started in 2004 by our beloved advisor, Dr. Marcella J Kelly. The project is focused on capturing large mammals (except for humans), especially the elusive Woodland Donkey. The committee members will assist with checking cameras and maintaining the stations. Members may also have the chance to help with data analysis after the study is completed, if they're both really lucky and gluttons for punishment. And sometimes we print photos of donkeys large enough to hang on your bedroom wall.

Conclave Committee
Chair: Alex Cassell

The Convention Committee arranges registration, transportation, and lodging for TWS members travelling to regional and national TWS meetings, and, if they're really lucky, donkey petting zoos.
Sometimes cramming fifteen people into one cheap motel room, the Convention Committee squeezes every last penny out of every last TWS dollar. Continental Breakfast? No problem. Taxi to the airport? Maybe a problem. An extra hay bale for the donkeys? Big problem.
It takes an unbelievable amount of work to get things sorted out for so many people going to so many things. In many ways, the Convention Committee resembles a crazed pack of donkey wranglers. Hay bales not included.

Education Committee
Co-Chair 1: Melissa Skirkanich
Co-Chair 2: Jackie Nelson

The education committee's major responsibility is to organize and hold outreach programs that offer local students and members of youth organizations a chance to further their knowledge and appreciation of wildlife and donkeys. We work closely with teachers and group leaders to meet specific education needs such as certain SOL goals and topics. It is our mission to make these interactions as fun-filled and hands-on as possible. Some activities include the presentation of live and preserved specimen as well as interactive lectures focusing on important wildlife topics. We have several small donkeys stuffed into Mason jars which we make available for public display.

Fundraising and Advertising Committees
Chair: Christina Muelbauer

The fundraising committee's goal is to crank some serious bank so that our chapter can participate in thousands of exciting activities, such as conclave and other special events. We have tons of events planned for this year, including Wildlife-a-thon, donkey rides, and bake sales.
The advertising committee handles all the advertising and promotion of our chapter. We design fliers for the meetings and special events and post them around campus. We distribute emails via the VTTWS, CNR, and Biology listserves. We also maintain all of the bulletin boards and display cases in Cheatham. And if pressed, we might also sell tickets for donkey rides.

Historian and Social Media Committees
Chair: Cassidy Williams

Social Media has taken over our lives to the point where we no longer have as much time to spend with our pet donkeys as we would like, so we've created a new Committee dedicated to managing our Social Media issues. The downside: More facetime with our phones. The upside: More facetime with our donkeys.
We'll also have some cool History stuff going on too, so that we never ever forget a past worth remembering. We hope, anyway.

An old bag of rags.
...and cotton candy.