Virginia Tech Student Chapter
of The Wildlife Society

What's Happening...

Right now
Yay! It's a brand new school year packed with school, and tests, and blind dates, and TWS. That's right, TWS.

Maybe your studies should be the first priority. Maybe stealing your roommate's food should be the second priority. Maybe TWS should be the third priority. Or do we have it all wrong? What if we turned it all inside out?

Maybe TWS should be your first priority. No maybes, Bub. Make it your reality.

Hey! The first meeting of this brand new year of TWS immersion is this Wednesday the 3rd September! Come for the pizza; stay for the meeting! And be prepared to tell us all about What I did This Summer. Make things up if you have to.

And In General
GobblerFest on Friday the 5th September on the Drill Field from 4-- 8 pm. Pet bunnies & snakes with your own two hands! Yay!

Conclave. We're hosting. A huge, really really big event, and we're hosting. That means All Hands On Deck. Yes, it's that big. More details to follow.

Eat dinner every single night. And hug your roommate. Especially if you've stolen their food.

Join us on Facebook! Click here, become a part our group, and start stalking other members. Fun, right? Right!

How to Contact Us:

100 Cheatham Hall
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg VA 24060

To Sign Up...
for the VTTWS listserv, send an email to listserv@listserv.vt.edu and type Subscribe VTTWS your name in the body of the email. Feel free to include various pleasantries too, if you like.

We thank you.

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