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Right now
Next Meeting: 16 September 2015

We've kicked off some rust and started VT TWS rolling now. After an exciting first meeting, we're ready for the second meeting. Which is happening this week. So show up, participate, and above all, do not sit down!

This week's Guest Speaker is our very own Internet Celebrity Anne Hilborn! Stroll on over here for more info on how she single-handedly broke Twitter.

Camera Trapping every Sunday morning. Brave the chilly mountain air and sometimes frightening cascade of pastel-coloured Autumn foliage and earn major credibility with Dr Kelly. She likes credibility. A lot.

Plus, some new Events added to the Events Page, right here on the Events Page. Go. Look. Participate. You're only young while you're young. After that, you just end up working and wishing you'd done cool stuff when you were young.

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And In General
A brand new year. A brand new VT TWS. New. Brand new. Create it with us.

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